Authentic smoke BBQ, delivered
straight to you

No time for long-haul smoke BBQ? No problem!

At Let's Meat, based in Puerto Rico, we've got the perfect meats, and the time, to craft low and slow,

wood-fired BBQ, for you to enjoy at home.


Choose from an assortment of quality cuts, smoked

to perfection for AT LEAST six hours, for a true and authentic BBQ experience.


We only use natural coal and assorted firewood (hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry, mango, etc.) in our smokers and grills for flavorful, tender and juicy BBQ every time.


We'll take care of the BBQing. You enjoy it.

What makes our BBQ different?

Yes, you can get good BBQ just about anywhere. But as with most cooking, nothing beats homemade. We put the same amount of care, time and passion in our BBQ as you would in your backyard get-together, carefully choosing the best possible ingredients.


The main difference: TIME. Unlike most restaurants, we're in no hurry. We know that the truly exceptional requires time.

Order today and taste the difference.



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