Choice cuts, smoked to tender & juicy perfection, then delivered to you

(Check back often, as menu changes seasonally)

Baby Back Ribs

Meaty & flavorful, seasoned with our unique, homemade coffee-garlic rub and lightly brushed with a zesty sauce. Wood-smoked for at least 9 hours.

Full Rack: $38.00

Half Rack: $19.00

St. Louis Cut Ribs

A leaner version of the Baby Back Ribs, as described above.

Full Rack: $34.00

Half Rack: $17.00


Puerto Rican Sausages

Choose from:

  • Longaniza (chicken or pork)

  • Butifarra (pork chorizo)

4 links: $9.00

Pulled Pork

It is believed that pulled pork is the reason why BBQ exists.

We cook ours the way it was meant to be: low and slow for up to 12 hours.

$15.00 x pound

Subject to availability